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* “So far I have taken 20 pills of my 30 day trial box of Joint Aid and can say without a doubt it is helping me! 

I need knee replacement of my left knee. It has been bad for many years and is beyond repair. It has helped with the pain! So much so that I stopped taking ibuprofen products, Tylenol products, and Celebrex!

My arthritis pain throughout my body is almost gone! There are days I catch myself walking and in hits me that I'm not in pain! I was waddling like a duck and now I am walking normal! I'm 58 and thought I was going to be an invalid by the time I was 60!”

-Theresa, Kansas

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Facebook Testimonial - Rita


* “I just wanted to say that I had constant uncomfortable pressure in my knees. And you know what, it was gone after a few days. I think this product is wonderful. I would recommend it to everybody. Also, my knees gained more flexibility. And you were the first company ever that offers a trial without any conditions. I thought that means that you know that your product is so good that people will return to you for more. I certainly will. Price seems a bit high, but is worth it. I only can congratulate you on such a good product, and soon I will order my second Joint Aid. I have to tell you that for years I was taking different brands of glucosamine, and never had this fabulous result.”

- Milena, Florida


Facebook Testimonial - Sonny


* “Joint Aid is a revolution when it comes to taking care of one's joint. For about 34 years I have suffered from arthritis in my right knee and right foot. No drug has been able to help. They all give temporary relief, but Joint Aid actually repaired my knee.

It reduced the swelling and the more I take it, the more the swelling reduces. And the swelling never comes back, even when I stop taking it temporarily. It takes away the pain, so no matter what distance I walk or when I decide to jog as a way of exercising my legs, I don't feel pain afterwards unlike how it used to be. My knee now bends better, at least a few more inches than it used to.
Walking is now fun…it's like I've just got a new leg. I started with 2 pills, but after some days I changed to a pill a day. Later it became a pill every two days. I took the last pill two days ago and I still feel okay, bouncing and kicking.

Thanks for the opportunity to come around such an invaluable treasure.”

- Peter, Nigeria


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